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Here is how we can distinguish a classic homepage from pretty much everything else:

So it all checks out, it seems. It is indeed a classic homepage and a great example of one too. homepage

The author of the page is Clint McClintic — an engineer from California, now retired. He’s also an artist and an avid traveler. On his homepage you will find quite a lot of his sketches, watercolors, and photographs.

Mr. McClintic was a participant of the famous Peace Walks demonstrations in the Soviet Union in 1989. His reflections from that trip are probably one of the most interesting part of his website. He returned to Russia in September 2004, so there are more photos from the St. Petersburg.

The website’s copyright notice suggests that it dates back to 1999. Since July 2002 it is available on its own fancy domain name —

There are seemingly no updates since 2010. But the site is still online and this is what’s really important.

The site is made with quite simple HTML from the Y2K era and may require some squinting when viewed on a smartphone. Hint: view it in a landscape mode, or even better — on a desktop computer, as it was designed to be viewed.

Tags: art, photography