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Computer mice from the last century

Isn’t it great when you can get the idea of what the website is about directly from its domain name? is about the mice, the electronic ones, the ones that live next to our computers. It is a true virtual museum of computer mice starting from the Douglas Engelbart’s first mouse from the 1968 till the pretty modern devices from the 90’s. The website also features a few articles about other pointing devices like trackballs and touchpads. website screenshot

The only information about the website creators available is the link to the web-design studio from Missoula, Montana. However, this domain doesn’t point anywhere anymore. Apparently, it was abandoned in the end of the 00’s.

The copyright string on the tells that the website was made in 2001. The most recent information mentioned in the articles is dated by 1999, which totally makes sense.

Design of the website is the perfect example of the state of the art web technologies from the turn of the century. It rocks XHTML 1.0 and UTF-8 encoding, there are plenty of JavaScript involved (by y2k standards, which look exceptionally tame now, 20 years later). However, browsing this website on a smartphone is possible, but requires some squinting at times, most of the time.

The content, however, justifies eye strain. You will find the detailed article about Engelbart’s mouse, which includes the PDF of the patent! Continue to the early models from Xerox, Logitech, Apple. The almost modern mice a represented by the Microsoft and the more recent Macintosh single button mice.

If you like old hardware, you may easily find yourself spending entire evening at If you don’t, but curious enough, you will learn a few amusing facts about otherwise mundane items.

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