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A portal into self-irony and amazing crap is what the best of the best of the late 90’s and early 00’s internet was like. And it is still alive today in all its glory! is what we’ve called back then — portal — a home for a number of smaller, but utterly awesome websites. Each not only with it’s own, unique, and loosely connected to the others topic, but with its own unique design. It’s all just HTML and images anyway, it could be easily hosted on its own domain, but registering a domain name wasn’t that easy back then, and sites like these often ended up in the sub-directories. main page of the website

Among the sub-sites you will find the fan site of a fictional Hollywood horror movie director, along with the complete filmography and dozens of photos “from the sets” and “movie stills”.

Harold B. Haxton: A Life In The Can

The complete guide into disassembling and hopefully reassembling again a Furby — the only friend of many 90’s kids.

Pintools — the website dedicated to building of custom pinball machines.

And much more…

Most content was created in the late 90’s and the early 00’s. In fact, the copyright note suggests 2003 as the year of the last update.

There are not much actual information about the’s authors, either. You can only guess who they are. Or just enjoy their work.

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